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 Contest Categories

Teams will compete in one or more of the categories below.

All winners will be recognized on the B4C website, the PSO Facebook Page, and the PSO Pileated. 

Teams must raise a minimum of $100 in donations entered on this website by 5:00 p.m. on June 18th to compete.

In response to feedback received from several B4C teams,

the Blitz is adding a second category of counts.

In addition to Big Days, teams may participate in Cumulative Counts.


Big Days remain the same, with teams counting on one calendar day of the B4C.

Cumulative Counts are for teams that count on 2 or more days of the B4C,

adding new species to their lists over the course of those days.

Please Note: Big Day teams will compete against other Big Day teams,

and Cumulative Teams will compete against other Cumulative Teams

in the competitions that follow:


County Champs - For the team in each region with the highest number of species in one county.

Regional Champs - For the team in each region with the highest number of species in 3 or more counties in a region.

PA Champs - For the team in the State with the highest number of species (County or Regional).

Low Carbon

For the team in each region with the highest number of species from one county

by non-mechanized means.


Youth Focus

Are teams with at least 2 of its members inclusive of the ages of 6 through 17.

Youth Teams can participate in any of the contests listed above. First and foremost,

Youth Teams compete against one another, but are also eligible to win competitions

against adult teams.


Atlas Block-Boosting

This category replaces Least Birded Counties. For the team in each region with the highest number of species found in the counties designated for that region. This competition does require the inclusion of Breeding Codes for all species on all checklists, and all atlas guidelines must be followed.




Counties by B4C region* include Northwest (5) Jefferson, Venango, Warren, Forest, Lawrence / Southwest (5) Armstrong, Somerset, Cambria, Fayette, Beaver/ Northcentral (5) Clearfield, Clinton, Potter, Elk, Snyder / Southcentral (3) Blair, Mifflin, York / Northeast (5) Carbon, Luzerne, Sullivan, Bradford, Columbia / Southeast (1) Lancaster.

*Please Note, B4C and PBA3 regions are different in the counties of which they are composed.


Fund Raising

This is the one contest category that has no Regions or distinction between Big Day, Cumulative teams, Youth, Low Carbon, or Atlasing.

All teams must participate in raising funds, as this is the most important Blitz Contest. While the birding is fun, and the data gathered useful, the primary purpose of the B4C is to raise money for avian related conservation in PA.

The teams that raise $750 or more will be given special recognition, with the team in the state that raises the most funds entered

on this website by 5:00 p.m. on July 15th, as Donation Champs!


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