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(1) Donate to your favorite team or directly to the Blitz!

Teams of 2 or more people:

(1) Ask others to sponsor you either on this site or cash/check donations, (2) Submit Atlas Data via eBird.

  2024 Flagship Species Slideshow

Hover with cursor on photo for location and photo credit.

  Click photos for a link to species information and photos.

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In 2024 we seek to raise $20,240 to support the following conservation projects: 


You can financially support the Blitz in two different ways; by giving directly or by supporting a team. Either way is easy and will help birds and other wildlife in their battle not only to survive but thrive.

 Form A Team

Teams are comprised of 2 or more people who compete with other teams in one of  six geographical regions. Teams can compete on one or more days of the B4C and in more than one county or region. Register your team no later than June 5th.

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