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In 2021 we raised $10,645 to support conservation projects related to Hawk Mountain, Manada Conservancy and the Western PA Conservancy. Habitat preservation is key to helping our PA Birds.


You can financially support the Blitz in two different ways; by giving directly or by supporting a team. Either way is easy and will help birds and other wildlife in their battle not only to survive but thrive.

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Teams are comprised of 2 or more people who compete with other teams in one of  six geographical regions. Teams can compete on one, two, three, or all four days of the B4C and in more than one county or region.  Register your team no later than June 13th.

Flagship Birds

The Breeding Bird Blitz for Conservation has identified two flagship birds whose populations are declining in Pennsylvania: the Northern Harrier and the Wood Thrush. Both species are listed as Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan. The Northern Harrier is state-listed as “threatened” since its numbers are declining so rapidly. Funds raised from the B4C will be used to protect habitat that these species need: extensive grassy fields for the Northern Harrier and unfragmented forest for the Wood Thrush.  



According to the Breeding Bird Survey, almost half of the Wood Thrush have disappeared over the last 50 years. 

Pennsylvania is particularly critical to Wood Thrush survival since 8.5% of the global population is found in our forests.  



Although Northern Harriers have a

wide range in North America, their dependency on extensive, open, grassy fields and scrub-wetlands makes them scarce PA breeders.

In Pennsylvania, reclaimed strip mines provide the highest amount of suitable habitat.