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Donations Accepted through July 15, 2021

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Western PA Spindalises

Amount Raised: $75

Team Captain - Steve Manns

Potter, McKean, and Cameron Counties


Brandywine Breeding Bird Blitzers

Amount Raised: $1,238

Team Captain - Brian Byrnes

Team members - Barry Blust

Chester County

Scarlet Tanager01.jpg

The Scarlet Tanagers 

Amount Raised: $415

Team Captain - Cheryl Faust

Team Members - Sandra Moroney and Brian Moroney.  

Berks County

Manada Bird Brained.png

Manada Bird-brains

Amount Raised: $720

Sally Zaino

Dauphin County, East Hanover Township


Quittie Audubon

Amount Raised: $330

Team Captain - Jim Fiorentino

Lebanon County

LVAS Logo 300x300px.png

The Grey Ghosts

Amount Raised: $685

Team Captain - Scott Burnet

Jeff Hopkins, Brandon Brogle,

Stephen Kloiber, Jon Mularczyk, Brandon Swayser

Common Raven.png

Raven Lunatics

Amount Raised: $75

Team Captain - Doris Brookens

Doris, Steve and Scott Brookens

Cumberland County


Oakland Pigeon Collective

Amount Raised: $235

Team Captain -  Kim Garrett

Bell Birdders.jpg

Bell Birders

Amount Raised: $100

Team Captain - Marjorie Howard

Greene County

Cumbie Crossbills.JPG

Cumberland Crossbills

Amount Raised: $110

Team Captain - Chris Payne