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A Wash of Orange?

Does this Prothonotary have a wash of orange or is it awash with orange?

"Birds of the World" describes the male Prothonotary with having "a wash" of orange. I don't know about you, but to me this bird looks more like it is awash with orange!

Ken Pinnow writes', "I wanted to share a couple photos of an uncommon 'orange' prothonotary warbler that we observed in Pymatuning State Park on 6/19 during the Breeding Bird Blitz (Team: Crawford Creepers). There are two of these 'orange' birds in the area--a male and female which do not seem to be a pair (possibly siblings). They were originally found by one of our team members--Joshua Heiser, an Allegheny College student who is interning for the DCNR this summer to catalogue the birds in Pymatuning, something that hasn't been done in decades and decades."

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