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 Our 2021 Partners and Projects

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PSO is partnering with Hawk Mountain, the Manada Conservancy and the Western PA Conservancy. All funds raised will be split equally between the three. Read more below about how your donation will help to conserve habitat important birds and other wildlife across PA.

Hawk Mountain is located on the Kittatinny Ridge, an international, national and state Important Bird Area, and one of two primary corridors within the Eastern flyway for southbound raptors and songbirds.

Founded in 1934 as the first sanctuary to conserve birds of prey, Hawk Mountain has grown from 1400 acres in the 1930s to 2500 acres in 2020. In 2019 most of the land was put under conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy.  Research suggests raptors and other birds seek out natural habitats along the base of the Ridge on their migration south for stopover and refueling.  As development accelerates along the slopes of the Mountain and in farming areas to the south, the landscape is rapidly changing.
Hawk Mountain seeks to work with neighboring landowners to keep key properties in forest, wetland and grasslands.  Twenty-two acres of farmland were recently purchased and is being restored to grasslands.  In 2018, 78 acres were purchased and donated to the Game Commission to manage in native grasses and flowers.  In both sites, habitat for nesting or migrating Northern Harrier and Bobolink as well as other grassland birds is being developed, as well as countless warblers that may feed on stopover sites along the riparian and woodland edges.
In 2021, Hawk Mountain is raising funds to purchase 43 acres along their border that would protect a forested stream ravine that harbors nesting Louisiana Waterthrush, Wood Thrush, Broad-winged Hawk, and a stream with native brook trout. Hawk Mountain has pledged to use B4C funds to conserve Northern Harrier habitat in the Kittatinny Ridge corridor. Your donation to the B4C will help make this a reality. 

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"The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, a nonprofit conservation organization that works to conserve native habitats in central and western Pennsylvania, is proactively addressing the issues facing forest birds by protecting important high-quality forests, conducting science-driven ecological studies of priority bird species and their habitats, and assembling powerful conservation partnerships. 


The Conservancy is working on different forested land protection projects in central and western Pennsylvania that would protect habitat for the Wood Thrush, one of the flagship birds identified by the PSO for the Breeding Bird Blitz for Conservation (B4C). The Conservancy is also considering management actions at some of its own properties, such as removing invasive species, that would benefit the Wood Thrush. With funding awarded to the Conservancy through the B4C program, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s goal is to permanently protect at least one of these properties or complete habitat restoration at one of its properties within the year that contains forest habitat likely to support the Wood Thrush. Your donation to the B4C will help make this a reality.


Manada Conservancy is a land trust dedicated to preserving the natural, historic, agricultural and scenic resources of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, through land conservation, environmental education, and community engagement. 


To date, we have permanently protected nearly 2,500 acres of valuable farmland, forests, creek-sides, and wetlands with unique and threatened species.


Despite the pandemic, we were able to preserve another 135 acres within the Kittatinny Ridge Corridor in 2020. The Kittatinny Ridge is a large landscape area that is recognized around the globe for its importance for migratory birds among other wildlife. We are working alongside The Nature Conservancy, PA Audubon, and fellow land trusts along the ridge throughout the state to proactively protect this landscape.  

In 2019, thanks to a grant through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, we were able to acquire a 44.3-acre property, now known as Manada Conservancy’s Elizabeth Woods property, in Lower Paxton township. This forested property on the Ridge provides important Wood Thrush habitat that will forever be maintained for wildlife habitat and passive recreation such as birding. We hope to showcase the property during this year’s Breeding Bird Blitz!


Your donation to the B4C will help fuel our efforts of preserving the Kittatinny Ridge Corridor and protect prime bird habitat. 

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